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PACIFIC ISLANDS RESEARCH INSTITUTE PO BOX 2627 FRIDAY HARBOR, WA 98250 360-472-1050 PRESS RELEASE – July 2011 When I nominated Edmundo Edwards, Claudio Cristino and Patricia Vargas Casanova for the distinguished Lowell Thomas Award given annually by The Explorers Club based in New York, I did so with fingers crossed.  I could not imagine […]

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An excursion to Raivavae will give the few who volunteer a rare opportunity to visit one of the last remaining unspoiled islands of French Polynesia.  Raivavae is an island with a very slow pace, where the people maintain an almost subsistence lifestyle; farming taro and fishing the outer reef in handmade outrigger canoes much like […]

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Dear Friends: Finally, what so many of you were asking for! It is a pleasure to introduce you to our bi-monthly Newsletter where we we will keep you informed of how our projects and research in Polynesia are coming along. We would love to receive feedback, opinions, and suggestions from you so we can improve […]

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