The 2008 Papua New Guinea expedition:

Our 2008 Papua New Guinea Research Project included, anthropological, ethnographic and archaeological research, as well as documenting by photographic and video means these remote environments and cultures, counts with the collaboration of the following scientists and researchers.

  • Edmundo Edwards Eastman — Archaeologist, Explorers Club Fellow (Curriculum Vitae)
  • Dr. Nancy Sullivan — Anthropologist, Explorers Club Fellow (Curriculum Vitae)
  • Dr. Bassam Ghaleb — Geologist, Researcher of the Centre de Recherche en Géochimie et Géodynamique GÉOTOP-UQAM McGill University, Canada. Dr. Ghaleb is the world’s foremost researcher in dating of Paleolithic Rock Art.
  • Lynn Danaher — Field Assistant and Fund Raising, Explorers Club member (Lynn’s Bio)
  • Roberto Glaría — Botanist

The 2008 CRUZ MAYOR ROCK ART EXPEDITION TO PAPUA NEW GUINEA was integrated by a team of scientists and experts coming from Easter Island and Spain as well as by Nancy Sullivan & Associates, a local institution, several graduate students in Anthropology from PNG, and numerous persons in the different villages that we visited in the Upper Karawari and Krosmeri Regions. We feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with them all, and we thank them for all their kindness and assistance.

Organizations and Persons Involved (2008).

Local PNG Team

Nancy Sullivan & Associates. Dr. Nancy Sullivan PhD and the following associate researchers direct a Papua New Guinea consultant service specializing on diverse anthropological matters related with development and environmental issues.

Dr. Nancy Sullivan PhD — American Anthropologist, with 20 years experience in Papua New Guinea and an Explorers Club Fellow. Former Instructor of Anthropology at the Divine University, Madang, Papua New Guinea. Director, Nancy Sullivan and Associates, Ltd. Anthropological consulting, qualitative research, survey design, report writing, training and workshop design for a range of private and public entities. Award winner of the Guggenheim fellowship, and of a National Geographic Society grant for her work in this area.

Joshua Meraveka  — Our Karawari Cave Arts Team Leader. He graduated in Physiotherapy from Divine Word University. He is also part of the HELP Resources family, and so is especially experienced in community work. He is the Team Leader of our Karawari Caves Project and has been the guiding force behind the project, standing in for Dr Sullivan in the field when she is not there, and transcribing and recording most of the data.

Christian Dominic PNG — He is a research assistant originally from the Karawari River who has now worked with the company on virtually every one of its reports, and whose unflagging enthusiasm for getting the data in any way necessary has become one of our secret weapons.

Kritoe Keleba — DWU exceptional graduate who has worked on two of our big projects so far, the social assessment of oil palm in Oro Province, and the analysis of the EU Rural Coastal Fisheries project with fishing groups in Madang. Smart, dedicated, hardworking, and from far away Western Province, Kritoe is a real asset.

Aiyoh Gubag — Another Divine Word graduate, began working for us as a trainee in 2006, and then helped us on our Pathfinders survey of reproductive health in Madang Province—endearing herself to everyone when we left her in the field one afternoon, by mistake, and she made her way back nonplussed. She has been our sole female (apart from myself) on the Karawari team, holding her own and recording women’s stories in all the cave communities.

Livai Roland — A new addition to the Karawari cave arts team and has been an enormous asset to the team, especially as support for Aiyoh, and another strong trekker and caver in the field. He contributes equanimity, good nature and a willing hand.

Frank James — One of our Karawari kids, a long time Madang resident who has lived with us for years and is now indispensable in clearing the way for our team back in his home territory of the Upper Karawari, especially in the Simbut and Inyai areas.

Jeffrey Otto — Another Karawari resident, was living with us in Madang for some time until he went back home for a visit, fell in love with Colleen from Ambonwari, and now three kids later, is back on board as a critical member of the cave art team, trekking to remote and dangerous sites, negotiating local politics, and taking a turn transcribing on computer.

Robert Fidelis Tapain — Awim villager, and in fact was one of the young kids who introduced me to the caves over twelve years ago. Now a father of young kids, he is an important member of the cave art team, leading us to some of the most remote caves and introducing us to most of their owners, who, because of Robert’s involvement, have so readily helped the project.

Fred Kasi — From Yimas 2 and another important cave arts team member, who contributes everything from logistical support to plain footwork when it comes to finding and recording the details of all these caves. [Note: we lost Freddy suddenly and tragically in January of 2009, and continue to credit him.]

Steven Mambi Yakaitapan — A crucial member of our cave arts team, as one of the original informants for the ethno archaeologists Rhys Jones and Paul Gorecki, when they made their initial survey of the Awim caves in 1987. Little did they know that the twenty or so caves they listed would one day grow ten-fold under this more extensive investigation.

Sebastian Katuk and Anna Tisip — No one has been more important to the cave arts project than Sebastian Katuk in Awim, and his wife Anna Tisip and kids are close seconds. Sebastian has constructed our team house, and the new camp structure, and worked hard to get all the villagers behind us in this effort, not to mention leading us to most of the Awim caves.

Daniel Kennedy — The only PNG would-be archaeologist we have ever met. His enthusiasm, computer skills, and general curiosity were an enormous help to the Karawari cave arts team over Christmas-New Year 2007-8. Son of our beloved friend, Adrian Kennedy, Daniel is one of PNG’s the best-kept secrets.

Foreign Team

Antonio Cruz Mayor — Spanish, Organizer and Funder of this Expedition.

Edmundo Edwards — Chilean archaeologist, Explorers Club Fellow (’90) Research Associate of the Center for Easter Island Studies of the University of Chile and of the former Department of Archaeology of French Polynesia. Co-director of this Expedition with Nancy Sullivan.

Dr. Bassam Ghaleb — Canadian, Geologist, Researcher of the Centre de Recherche en Géochimie et Géodynamique GÉOTOP-UQAM McGill University, Canada. Dr. Ghaleb is the Worlds foremost researcher in dating of Paleolithic Rock Art.

Roberto Glaría — Spanish, Botanist and Climber, with extensive environmental studies in Easter Island and Chile.

Roberto Forster — Chilean, architect and painter. Roberto has a large experience in the recording of rock art on Easter Island.

Mara Riroroko — Chilean-Rapanui, Field assistant in archaeology, Mara has worked since 1985 assisting her husband Edmundo Edwards in the field.

Jaime Riroroko — Chilean-Rapanui Climber, assistant field researcher in archaeology.

Sebastian Riroroko — Chilean-Rapanui Climber, camera and sound assistant.

Gonzalo Rojas — Chilean, Art Director and cameraman, in charge of the video documentary of the Expedition. Gonzalo has a vast experience in advertising, publishing and video.