Born in Portland, Oregon, raised on the Columbia River.  Lynn has spent her life around the marine environment, self taught and educated in the field.  She spent 23 years living in Homer, Alaska. During that time she homesteaded in the bush for 5 years and was a commercial fisherman for 14 years.  During her years spent commercial fishing she explored the coastline from the Bering Sea to Prince William Sound, Canada to Seattle.  She was always active in local politics and environmental issues, was a founding member of the Kachemak Bay Conservation Society and served on the Board of the Kachemak Bay State Park Advisory Board. She worked on the front lines during the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill in 1989. 2 years later she participated in an archeological expedition along the Alaska Peninsula to evaluate oil spill damage to known cultural sites.  During that expedition she discovered a significant undiscovered cultural site, near Taki Island, in the Gulf of Alaska.

Her early fascination with Polynesian culture led her to Hawaii in the 60’s where she attended the University of Hawaii.  She has a special interest in the impact of introduced cultures and the seekers of the mythical Polynesian utopia.

She continued to study Polynesian history and culture during her years in Alaska.  After leaving Alaska in 1994, she started a whale watch company in Friday Harbor, San Juan Excursions, she sold it in 2000.  Her next project in 2003 was the purchase and renovation of Star Storage and Surina Business Park.  In 2007 she restored 2 historical homes in Friday Harbor into 7 offices, Argyle Suites. She is a USCG Licensed Master, Dive Master, accomplished photographer, member of The Explorers Club and Founding Member of the Pacific Islands Research Institute, (PIRI).  In 2006 she completed an archaeological expedition on Raivavae, Austral Islands, in the remotest part of French Polynesia.

She has traveled extensively, has been to all 7 continents and worked aboard expedition ships since 2001. She has traveled the length and breadth of the Pacific Ocean, from Siberia to Antarctica and Chile to New Zealand as an expedition guide and field expert. Lynn is currently in the process of setting up a research and education fund for the Pacific Islands Research Institute (PIRI) to fund further research in Papua New Guinea, Easter Island and Raivavae. She splits her time between the San Juan Islands, Kauai, Hawaii and research projects.