The Miakembut is a small tribe of approximately 70 individuals, that live in the most remote region of the Upper Karawari area, in the East Sepik province of PNG and they constitute  one of  the few hunter-gatherers societies left on earth. Their first contact with white people occured in the 1940s, when Australian patrols passed by this area towards the highlands, but since then, there has been a very limited contact with foreigners, and in 2008 only a handful of individuals had ever seen a white person.  There were first contacted during our 2008 expedition and we have been invited to join them in 2009. As they continue to live a traditional way of life, using adornments, artifacts and tools of their own manufacture, living in camps or caves covered with rock art, which they continue to use and decorate for their initiation rites, this opportunity of living with them and been able to study and record in video their unique way of life, constitutes a unique and challenging project.

We have planned to return with the same previous team plus the addition of Capt. Lynn Danaher and Apply for another Flag from the Explorers Club.

Persons involved in our team

Nancy Sullivan (anthropologist)
Lynn Danaher (friend and mother)
Edmundo Edwards (archaeologist)

Mara Riroroko (assistant archaeologist)
Gonzalo Rojas (cameraman and editor)
Sebastian Riroroko (assistant camera and sound)
Roberto Glaria (botanist and climber)
Jaime Riroroko (climber)

I would consider that we should stay between 6 and 8 weeks to do a good job.
This means we have to pay a two months salary for everyone involved . (I would exclude myself to cut costs).
Roughly, this is our budget in euros.

Professionals: 4.000 ( Roberto and Gonzalo) Total 8.000
Technicians:  3.000 (Sebastian, Mara, Jaime) Total 9.000
Nancy’s team;  total 10.000
Food and additional help ( cook, laundry, boat driver, etc. based on 60 days) Total 20.000
Air fare: including charter flights and travel insurance; Total 35.000
Medicine; 2.000
Equipment; (new tents, generator,etc) 7.000
Hotels, and not estimated expences 9.000
Total; 100.000 or US 150.000

I am willing, if need be, to pay for the airline tickets, but anyway we need to raise funds. I have a Documentary on the work we carried out this year, that should be finished by next December that was filmed in XDCAM HD (NTSC) that we have to try to sell. It will be in English and Spanish. Normally this should finance everything and produce a profit. But I have no contacts in this business, because I am a beginner in this field.

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